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Dragonfly Creative is a small design and development proprietorship located on Gabriola Island, BC.
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My name’s Mark, the owner of this site. I live on and work on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, about a 20 minute ferry ride from Nanaimo. I moved to BC in 2006 from Saskatchewan. After a couple of “tours” in Vancouver, I finally settled on Gabriola.


When I was around ten or eleven, I got a Commodor VIC-20 computer for Christmas. My parents were too cheap to buy games, so I spent countless hours typing in game code from magazines and books. That was my introduction to programming. About the same time, I began taking oil painting lessons from a local grad student. I’ve been involved in design and programming off and on ever since. This site is primarily an expression of those two interests.


Please note that the site is very much a work in progress. Thank you for your patience.